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Unveiling Aurestia, the Enigmatic Ancient Golden Dragon, a majestic being whose presence has graced the realm of Minera since the inception of the Elven civilization. Bound by an unwavering dedication to peace and justice, Aurestia's journey intertwines with the wise figures of Horauthin and Erdrydion, who assumed the roles of her cherished father figures during the Age of Creation.

After millennia of serene existence, Aurestia now finds herself compelled to take up arms once again. With the ever-pressing threat of war engulfing the continent of Tharador, she joins forces with the valiant Coalition of Belfrie and Formen. Together, they stand as a formidable alliance, driven by a shared resolve to restore harmony to a land teetering on the brink of destruction.

Experience the unfolding saga as Aurestia, with her ancient wisdom and resolute spirit, embarks on an extraordinary quest. Through her actions, a timeless legacy of courage and determination takes shape, inspiring allies and striking fear into the hearts of adversaries. Will Aurestia's intervention prove to be the catalyst for a new era of tranquility and balance?

Delve into the rich tapestry of Minera and become captivated by the enigmatic tale of Aurestia, the Ancient Golden Dragon. Immerse yourself in a world where legends come alive, and destinies are forged. Let the allure of Aurestia's noble cause ignite your imagination, beckoning you to partake in an unforgettable adventure. Unleash the power of myth and magic, and witness the birth of a hero.

Additional Information:

This model is completely printed in solid grey.

This miniature intended for use with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Mork Borg or any roleplaying game you like!

This scale miniature is newly 3d printed in resin and supplied unpainted.  

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