About Us

I'm Joel the owner of Miniature Mage. I started my small home-based business located in the capital of Australia - Canberra, ACT in 2023 after rediscovering my passion for miniature painting and the creative worlds you can bring to life with the help of 3D printing. 

As an avid Role-playing game enthusiast for the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, Mork Borg and tabletop games, I was always disappointed in the miniature options that lacked the small details. I thought the small details in my miniatures really helped tell the story of who my characters were and the role they played in my games. 

That's where I found 3D Printing to be an amazing tool to create amazing miniatures and terrain from amazing creators that had the options and styles of miniatures that I was really wanting to play with!

I started 3D printing more miniatures than I could ever dream to paint in one lifetime and that’s when I decided, that I'd love to open my own 3D Miniature Painting store. To spread the joy of finding that perfect miniature and painting it up to look amazing while playing games with friends.

Ever since I was a child, I've loved spending time with friends playing tabletop games or role-playing games. Going home after school and painting up my Lord of the Rings Miniatures to play with when we'd have our Dungeons and Dragons sessions. As time went on I lost touch with those friends I played dungeons and dragons with and It wasn't until later in my 20's that I rediscovered my passion for miniature painting. Finding it to be a great stress relief from the everyday monotony of work and life. Which really pushed me to open a store to help others who found themselves in a similar position to myself and wanted to get back in touch with their creative side.  

At Miniature Mage our goal is to spread the joy and creative passion of Miniature Painting. While providing some of the best-looking miniatures that creative artists have to offer. But we want to be more than just a miniature hobby store. We want to build a community of artists and enthusiasts who share a love for the hobby.